Friday, April 08, 2005 

Lavinia Gelineau Presente!

If the American public really cared about stories of family dysfunction that touch on the real issues we face as human beings, we'd be hearing a lot more about Lavinia Gelineau. Instead we got Terri Shiavo. One life teaches lessons of the power of human love and the strength to challenge the butchers that steal young lovers, sons, daughters, mother and fathers from their families. The other teaches us that if you're going to make yourself puke all the time at least have the foresight to drink some damn water and write a fucking will.

And as a recovering Catholic who knows that the Church will never be what it ought to be thanks in no small part to Karol Wojtila, the world is better off with this serial killer* dead.

*AIDS kills people - in case there was any question about this fact.

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