Tuesday, August 16, 2005 

Why send Ginger Ale through one of the most advanced distribution...

So gas prices are up. No news there, right? It's summer, gas prices have been on a steady incline for most of the year, global supply of oil has or is in the process of peaking, etc. These developments haven't been lost on anyone, whether we're talking about the local rock station's DJ predicting riots if the price of gas doesn't drop, or "and I thought [Bush's] war was suppose to make gas cheaper" commonsensical proto-rejection of the war a fellow motorist shared with the Sunday night. Anyone including the "our products traveled over 100 miles from the nearest Walmart distribution center" behemoth.

While the public is feeling the pinch, those of us on the left must see to it that we don't miss a major opportunity to get the real message out there: there is a fundamental connection between the local economic destruction Walmart has been visiting upon our communities, the war in Iraq, the price of gas and a system the goes into crisis mode not when businesses stop being profitable but rather when they stop becoming more profitable.

Thursday, August 04, 2005 

Coke's Propaganda Campaign

In response to the increasingly effective Killer Coke and coke off campus campaigns, the multi-national spreader of terror and tooth decay has launched a propagandist public relations campaign found here.

In an act of subterfuge on par with the all but transparent attempt to counter Coke's well documented record of human rights abuses, the site is using the ".org" domain designation.

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