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Monday, January 08, 2007 

Arnold as America's Tommy Douglas ?

I intentionally avoided the use of the cliché mixture of exclamation points and question marks in the title to the post, but it took some self-discipline to be sure. In California's newspaper from the San Francisco Chronicle to the LA Times and beyond in the so-called paper of record, the New York Times, the media is abuzz with Schwarzenegger's called for a state-wide single payer health insurance program that would cover every last Californian (up-to and including undocumented children - whether or not undocumented adults would be covered remains unclear to me).

Although the California Nurses Association did have a press release stating that their President Deborah Burger would be available for comment, while pointing out that the Governator already vetoed a bill that would have created just the sort of program he now claims to promote. Many have long pointed to the experience of our northern neighbors as tome from which lessons ought to be drawn in our own countries struggle for just healthcare. The life of Tommy Douglass offers some starting point when attempting to do so.

I certainly plan to follow this story in the coming weeks to see what sort of twists and turns it will inevitably take.

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