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Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Noam Chomsky on Latin America

Let me preface by saying that while I do not identify with academics, like bell hooks and others I am a fierce supporter of intellectuals and the important roles they can play in social change and an ardent opponent to narrow anti-intellectualism in all forms. That said I've never been able to get into Chomsky. His stuff is just to dense and stiff; much more academic than intellectual if you accept the contradiction as hooks and others have presented it. This is in large part why I have never understood the so-called "cult of Chomsky."

So imagine my surprise finding this Chomsky credited piece on CounterPunch that is not only (relatively) short but also very approachable. Interviews are often the easiest way to interact with academy types. That is certainly the case for this short piece packed full of important insights on key questions facing both the Latin American left and by extension the US left (e.g. the necessity of overcoming the disconnect between the party and social movement lefts, the need for 21st century socialism to synthesize the lesson of 20th century socialism and see democracy, elections, etc. as central to revolutionary society, the centrality of minority nationalisms be they indigenous First Nations, Blacks and Chican@s within US borders, or pan-nationalist sentiments in Africa, the Arab world or Latin America, etc.).

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