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Tuesday, November 14, 2006 

And so it begins

So it's been a month since this blog was updated. It has been a busy time for certain, but I'm feeling some much-needed new found energy. I hope that this will translate into more frequent posts. Right now I'm aiming for a minimum of one per week.

LeftSpot made a request that I provide some analysis of the controversial Tennessee Senate race. I still have some homework to do before I'm really ready to weigh in on the particulars of the elections here in the state.

Despite my lack of preparedness for offering analysis on the elections, be it locally or in the broader national context, the Democrats seem prepared to give anti-war end of their electoral base (which by all accounts appears to be its overwhelming majority) an early "fuck you." Today, Harry Reid and company made it clear that they have no plans of actually slowing down the Bush agenda vis-à-vis Iraq. Using the rhetorical shield of "get[ting] rid of Rumsfeld" they have signed on to confirm the war criminal and Iran-Contra participant Robert Gates.

I am interested in hearing thoughts from other folks about how we on the anti-capitalist left should react to the Senate Dems first volley in what I expect to be an on-going campaign of selling-out last Tuesday's referendum on the country's war against Iraq. Do we hold-off talking about this stuff for now to avoid being labeled shrills and wack-jobs? Or do we press them from the get-go?

My sense is to agitate the hell out of the advanced, but let things slide with the intermediate unless asked directly. Give the Dems a few months, and then work like hell to exploit the mass feelings of betrayal and disillusionment.

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