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Tuesday, August 10, 2004 

"Goddamn you Ben McCulloch"

Sticking with the "this day in history" theme, on this day in 1861 Ben McCulloch and his Texas Infantry fought Union General Nathaniel Lyon at the Battle of Wilson's Creek.

Some may be familiar with McCulloch, often counted by those willing to whitewash Texas's history as one of its greatest heroes. Others may know McCulloch only through the song named for the famed general on Steve Earle's 1995 Train a Comin'. For those who haven't heard the song, it is one of the best story songs I know. Its analysis concerning poor white participation in the Confederate Army is right on - economic incentive, southern disillusionment with the Slave Power, and desertion.

I'll take this post to remind everyone who has heard and to inform everyone who hasn't that Steve Earle does have a new album coming out on the August 24! Given the awesome musical experience that is Jerusalem and this one's title (The Revolution Starts...Now), I doubt Earle will disappoint.

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