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Tuesday, October 12, 2004 

The "Trans-shipment" of Weapons of Mass Destruction

In late February of 2003, I joined a group of mostly Muslim students to plaster UT's Knoxville campus with this poster from TomPaine.com. Under the cover of darkness, we stapled, taped and glued close to 1,000 posters to campus walkways, doors, street poles, message boards and toliet stalls. Naturally, 95% had been ripped down within 36 hours, but I like to think that it helped set the stage for our Books Not Bombs rally on March 5 of that year which drew more than 300 people (*note:300 people=shit load at anything left of center on this campus).

Well, although Musharraf has decieded to maintain his military dictatorship, I mean don his military uniform depsite promises of a civilian transistion after five years in power (big suprise there), it's looking like Al Qaeda might not have to wait on a Pakistani failed state to aquire nuclear materials. CNN.com reports that the IAEA is in shock following the discovery that literaly tons of "dual-use" equitment and materials in Iraq have vanished under the US occupation. Given Bush and Kerry's emphasis on policies that prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the dangers surrounding the "trans-shipment" of such materails, tomorrow night's debate should be pretty interesting (or not).

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