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Tuesday, October 05, 2004 

What was that about Poland?

I am sure that many of us remember Bush's feigned outrage that Kerry "forgot" Poland when he listed the countries with troops in Iraq during last Thursday's debate. Putting his foot completely in his month, Bush drove home the farcical nature of the coalition of the willing by taking time to correct his opponent’s omission of the great Polish powerhouse. I almost expected someone to yell, Seinfeld style, "Poland not weak!" and proceed to smash their Risk-board-esque podiums with his bare hands.

Yesterday the Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski announced that Polish troops would be removed from Iraq by December 2005, much to the chagrin of the Bush-Cheney junta. Additionally, the minister floated the idea of reducing Polish troops by 40% as early as January 2005. This would drop Polish participation from the current force of 2,500 troops to a slightly more modest 1,500 troops.
Irony always makes for good humor.

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