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Sunday, December 19, 2004 

"From a long-term point of view, it is not the reactionaries but the people who are powerful"

Today marks the anniversary of the Viet Mihn's first military operation in the long struggle for Vietnamese national liberation. Nearly sixty years later a new wave of anti-imperialist struggle is surging across the global south. Maoist forces in Nepal control some 80% of that nation. The festering wounds in Southwest Asia and the direct affronts to Arab humanity seen in the occupied territories and in the halls of Abu Graib are met by the vigilance of a people determined to fight, by any and all means necessary, to preserve their humanity and exercise the right to determine their own destiny. In the Philippines, New People's Army forces continue to triumph so completely as to force that nation's ruling class to resort mass violence in order to simply maintain their ever-more-limited state power.

Unfortunately, this sort of barbarism will only increase as NPA forces (and other freedom fighters) liberate larger areas of that country (the south as a whole). Thus is the nature of popular resistance to really existing capitalism. The choices facing young Columbians who wish for peace and freedom in their country may not be clear cut, and the tactics employed by the FARC-EP may be sloppy at best. But any evil (real or perceived) caused by IRA bombs in Belfast, the pain caused by the (truly) innocent deaths in that struggle for peace and freedom pales in comparison to the hundreds of years of systematic rape, murder and theft visited upon the Irish people by British occupation.

In the spirit of struggle so embodied by millions of ordinary Vietnamese who would come to fight with Uncle Ho, I would like to highlight what is probably old news to most folks reading this. Recognizing the inherent connection between the insurrection of Dessalines two centuries ago and the ongoing turmoil in post-Aristide Haiti, the Dessalinien Army of National Liberation (ADLN) has opened a new front in the global Intifada. A communique announcing the group's demands and an accompanying article can be found at Haiti Progress.

"[A]ll military bases of the United States on foreign soil are so many nooses round the neck of U.S. imperialism. The nooses have been fashioned by the Americans themselves and by nobody else, and it is they themselves who have put these nooses round their own necks, handing the ends of the ropes to the Chinese people, the peoples of the Arab countries and all the peoples of the world who love peace and oppose aggression. The longer the U.S. aggressors remain in those places, the tighter the nooses round their necks will become."
-Mao Tse-Tung

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