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Sunday, February 20, 2005 

Democrats Try On the Banner of Fiscal Responsiblity

After 4 years of slash and spend budgets, the Democrats appear to be realizing that a balanced budget and programs to help people may not be amoung the Bush administration's legislative priorities (gasp!). South Carolina Representative John Spratt's recent comments during his party's weekly radio address is sure to be only one is a stream of Democratic criticisms. While we should welcome such criticism, the left has an obligation to situation the discussion in its proper context of imperialism, the looming global collapse of financial capital and wholesale ecological devastation.

If we aren't making clear demands that any response to the situation we find ourselves in must "merely begin with dumping half the so-called service sector jobs in the entire economy, beginning with prisons and working up, into a massive jobs training program, draconian progressive taxation that limits personal income to $100,000 a year, a minimum wage of $20 an hour with imposed price controls, free universal health care, the expropriation of agribusiness and systematic abandonment of capitalist agriculture, the strict rationing of electricity, and the construction of a nationwide public transportation network as a first step to dramatically reducing dependence on fossil fuel," than we have failed in a way far greater than liberals are capable of doing. Sure, we must meet people where they're at, but the mass line is meaningless if we aren't exposing the masses to the idea of socialism as an alternative to the problems they so intimately understand.

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