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Friday, March 10, 2006 

Joining a Church

Being raised Catholic was, by far, the most politicizing expierence of my life. Much of what I see in my mind's eye when words like community, justice, and conversely patriarchy, authoritarian and decadent is drawn from early expierence interacting with the small amount of good and the increasing amount of evil to be found in Holy Mother Church.

Yet for the past two months I have been attending a Church (scandal!), which while not Catholic is quite similar in liturgey and theology. This piece on CounterPunch earlier this week sums up my decision to begin attending Church again with a clairity I have been wanting for the uncomfortable silence that follows "what did you do this weekend" type small talk in my left circles.

No way dude. If I ever go back to church, it will not be at some Unitarian or Protestant knockoff. I am an apostate from the One True Church, dammit. 

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