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Monday, April 10, 2006 

French victory provides much needed inspiration

Been absent for a bit. Basic run-down goes something like: student-labor alliances have the potential to be as precarious as any strategic alliance actively engaged in struggle during the current period, especially in locales that haven't seen major upsurges in 70+ years. Students get militant and outstrip fledgling worker organization. Workers remain overly cautious and act in ways that tokenize the students. In the end, an improperly constructed relationship between student allies and workers fails to function, students face burnout and disillusionment, workers feel alienation from former allies, and the real people involved feel super stressed out.

But today's news out of France shows why building something as complicated, stressful and involved as a worker-student alliance is ultimately so vital. My hat is off to these brave women and men. I feel inspired at a point in time when I desperately need some inspiration.

Glad your back! I really enjoyed all your engaging comments...sounds like you've been busy! :)

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