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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

Israel OUT of Arab lands

Israel continued committing more warcrimes today, killing innocent civilians in Palestine and Lebanon. MRzine posted statements from the Lebenese Communist Party and the Populat Front for the Libreration of Palestine yesterday. Both are certainly worth the read.

Finally, I include the above picture not because I enjoy seeing or enabling others to see Israeli imperialist violence against Arab peoples, but becase of the caption this AP photo had on Yahoo News, cited below. What surprised me was the location, which is neither Gaza nor Lebanon, but rather the West Bank, and not once in the CNN.com, or NYTimes, etc. had I heard mention of Israeli attacks in the West Bank.

Israeli soldiers detain Palestinian security men during a military operation in the West Bank city of Nablus July 19, 2006. Troops backed by armoured vehicles surrounded a Palestinian security compound in the city of Nablus and killed three gunmen of Abbas's Fatah faction, medics said. REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini (PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES)

This disparity is, of course, due to a) the fact that there is a much larger and more affluent Lebanese community in the U.S. than there is a Palestinian community, and b) the fact that Lebanon is, for all its frailties, a recognized state. Much easier to find Lebanese shopkeepers in the U.S. who can break down why the hell Israel is a rogue state.

The most recent onslaught, which has now just cost 4 UN international observers their lives, highlights just how dangerous Israel is becoming. They continue to repress a national liberation struggle in the occupied territory; they have made plain their desire to re-ensnare a liberated nation; and now show utter contempt for even the idea of international rule of law and law of war.

Just as food-for-thought -- this is likely the first step toward some sort of conflict with Iran. It'd be hasty to say it would be all out war, but consider this: for the past several years, Hezbollah has been highlighted in the Israeli press as a growing threat for its missiles and drones. Why? Because from their perch in South Lebanon, and with an improved armament, they had the capability of leveling the nuclear balance for Iran. That is to say, all the talk of strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities was blunted with the realization that Hezbollah, having achieved a larger force projection, could avenge such a provocation with a strike to Israel's Dimona nuclear facilities in the Negev desert. 

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