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Friday, October 15, 2004 

This is what Party Building [doesn't] look like

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I see addressing the US’s drive for empire as the central task for leftists in this country today. However, for us to truly be successful in this endeavor, the left as a whole must meet the challenge of crisis and opportunity for building a real party to provide the leadership there's no denying our movements lack.

Programmatically, our long-term plans must center on the process of building an organization much bigger and with a potential for action far outside of the scope of what our small groups are capable of pulling off. The fact conversations on this subject continue to come up inside and between most left groups that "get it" is testament to the continued validity of this position. Whether we're calling it "regroupment" or "refoundation" isn't nearly as important as the fact that we are grounded enough to steer clear of declaring ourselves the fount of any and all revolutionary change this country might ever see. The Party is an objective reality, it ain't subjective dick-measuring, and there are few things more rewarding that working with new people who understand this.

So in the sprit of left unity, here are links to two of the socialists organization I might have joined, had the allure of the road I found laid out before me not been so great: Solidarity, Left Turn.

That said, shit like this just cracks me up.

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