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Friday, September 24, 2004 

Update: "But if Dan Rather got on the evening news..."

Evidentially, preventing television viewers in the Knoxville area from making our own decisions about 60 Minutes' story on Bush's National Guard Service was not enough for Chris Baker and others at W.V.L.T. "Volunteer" T.V. As I was poking around their website, I ran across this statement, which I would imagine has also been read on air.

Coincidentally (probably not), I only saw the letter after taking their online poll entitled: "Which candidate would Osama bin Laden choose for President?" I guess one way to mount a come back when trying to increase your abysmal market share is to pimp the Bush-Cheney talking points. Those that know me well understand how hard it is for me to see Channel 8 start/continue down this path towards the dark side.

When I first moved off campus my T.V. would only pick up one station: trusty, quaint Channel 8. Whether I liked it or not, I got Carol Burnett, Home Improvement and Andy- "Ain't no people-of-color in North Carolina" - Griffith every afternoon. To make matters worse I had just torn my MCL in a bizarre accident while moving out of my dormitory, so needless to say "Volunteer" T.V. and I got to know each other really well. It got to the point that one could name a day of the week and a time and I would know what show would be airing.

I guess I still have The NewsHour...for the time being, anyways.

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