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Thursday, September 23, 2004 

No Michael Moore for Cal State?

In an interesting, yet wholly commonplace turn of events, the administration at California State, San Marcos is riding rough-shod over a decision by the student government to bring "controversial" filmmaker Michael Moore to campus. The schools President KAren Haynes claimed that Moore's stated political goals make him ineligible to receive state money for any speaking engagement before November 2 and released this statement.

Segments of the university community are naturally pissed off, and rightly so. They are demanding that the University's administration change its mind, but have raised over $37,000 (the part of Moore's bill Cal State was going to pick up) through donations from the community to bring him even if the school refuses to come around. Even with the money, it is still unclear if Moore will be showing up. The populist firebrand has expressed major reservations in coming, pointing to the Haynes administration's disregard for principles of Free Speech and democratic institutions within institutes of higher education as major obstacles for any visit.

This all seems like either moderate pro-bush posturing on the part of the school's administration or (legitimate) fear of being "terminated" by Sacramento. Either way, Moore's "I won't come unless the school pays for it" stance seems a little off to me. I know that some people on the left just like to throw criticism in his direction , but the man can be pretty fucking arrogant at times. And as much as I like and respect what he is able to do, this latest thing seems like another example of Moore's me-centric world view.

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