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Tuesday, November 16, 2004 

The Chican@ Question

Continuing earlier threads on the subject of Latino voting patterns, the People's Weekly World for last week included this (very good) article questioning the methodology of national exit polls with regards to Latino preferences.

In order to clearly highlight the difference between solid leftist analysis (see: above) and dog poo (keep reading), I think its appropriate to share my recent discovery that Chican@s are no longer important enought to be considered a nation. Chican@s everywhere must be relieved at finally being told what thier national status is once and for all. Also, if you have the time to waste plowing through that aforelinked land-fill (please refrain from making any inferences about what sort of time I may or may not have had when I came across this jewel on the *party's* website), and are in need of a laugh - please check out the *party's* paper "On the Position on Homosexuality in the New Draft Programme." Priceless.

Damn, that's some long-winded shit.

Interesting how the *party* ignores that there is an organization of Chicanos which recognizes ITSELF as a nation. Oh, that and the automatic assumption that chicanos automatically identify with the former imperial power, i.e. Spain- in the form of language.

Also, they ignore the existence of "pochismo," which deals with folks of Gringo and Mexican descent who (with reason) don't want to identify as white. Hmph.

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