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Thursday, November 11, 2004 

For the Passing of Abu Ammar

Al-laa-hum-magh-fir li-hay-yi-naa wa may-yiti-naa wa shaa-hi-di-naa wa ghaa-i-bi-naa wa sa-ghee-ri-naa wa ka-bee-ri-naa wa zaka-ri-naa wa un-saa-naa, al-laa-hum-ma man ah- yay-ta-hoo min-naa fa-ah yi-hee `a-lal islaam, wa man ta-waf-fay-ta-hoo min-naa fa-ta-waf-fa-hoo `a-lal ee-maan.

Salatul Janazah, Third Takbir

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