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Wednesday, November 10, 2004 

Our Internationalist Duty

"Certainly, the fight to defeat the project of the United States will take many forms. [T]he rearmament of every country in the world in order to meet any aggression contemplated by Washington is imperative; never forget that the United States utilized nuclear weapons when it had a monopoly of them and renounced their use when it no longer had such a monopoly. "
-Samir Amin, The Liberal Virus: Permanent War and the Americanization of the World

Using their imperial surrogate the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), the European Union (good cop) and the Bush administration (bad cop) are bringing pressure to bear on Tehran for its purported clandestine nuclear weapons program. In what could very possibly signal the beginning of yet another, even more escalated, phase in the US ruling class's push towards war with Iran, US cronies in Germany, France and Brittan are demanding that the Iranian government release a statement declaring any and all of its nuclear enrichment activities ended and including the dates when such moratoriums went into effect. The stick comes in when the US
then demands that the security council take up the issue following the release of the IAEA's report. Everyone remembers UN Security Council Resolution 1441, right? Proving that despite suffering bourgeois restorations, formerly socialist countries can still cause the triad major head-aches, China (maybe even out of principle) and Russia (basically out of self-interest) appear to be willing to stand behind Iran's right to produce power (arm itself?) in any way it sees fit.

You can bet that this Iranian question will become all the more urgent for the Zionists in Washington
following Hezbollah's actions earlier this week. Can these drones can carry bombs? Like the Amin quote illustrates, one of the best ways for Iran not to end up like its neighbor to the west, the always wonderful example of what "humanitarian" intervention looks like, is to really have and be willing to use WMD. The same goes for the recently liberated territory in southern Lebanon, and we need to remind all the peacenik liberals we come across, in the nicest terms possible of course, that non-violence is a luxury that the people of south-west Asia lack at the current historical juncture.

Finally this shit with Abu Ammar is really getting me down. I just needed to put that out there.

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