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Tuesday, October 26, 2004 

Viva Cuba Libre

This just arrived in my inbox; I thought it was worth posting:
Last Wednesday, October 19, after completing a talk at a student graduation, Fidel Castro tripped and fell as he was returning to his seat. He suffered a modest but serious injury for a 78 year-old. Most folks responded by simply wishing him a speedy recovery.

But not everyone...

On Friday last week, in Washington, D.C, Richard Boucher, the State Department representative, publicly refused to wish Fidel Castro a simple "Get well".

This crude, tasteless, vindictive and basically silly display of imperial bad manners was also posted to the United States State Department's website where it now stands as mute testimony to a poor upbringing, to say the least.

You can read the transcript of the State Department's comments, a response from the Cuban media, and then send your own message to wish Fidel Castro a hearty "get well" at the special e-mail address which has been created for this specific purpose.

Please take a moment and send a note.

Thanks very much,

Walter Lippmann

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