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Wednesday, October 20, 2004 

Waste of My Time

So I have a confession to make. Recently, in cases of extreme boredom, usually at work, after I have scoured cnn.com, nytimes.com, any number of lefty news sites, blogs and online magazines, even after I've attempted to navigate the horrible constructed Fox News webpage, I direct my Firefox 0.10 browser over to FrontPage.

I do it fully aware that such activities are a horrific waste of my time; time that, in addition to doing my actual work, could be spent having one on ones with potential union members, making phone calls to get people out to PSA's anti-war action next Wednesday, starting on an introduction for some pamphlet, or just taking a walk. I know this, but something about reading headlines like "Unholy Alliance is under attack and I need you help," or being prompted to sign a petition to shut down a Jew hate fest (read: Palestinian solidarity conference) at Duke next month just captures a part of my imagination and won't let it go. I go into expecting to see headlines that read "Early Childhood Jew-Hate Indoctrination: Why Israel can't be found on a map in Palestinian textbooks" only pixels away from "Choosing Liberty Over Death: Educated Palestinians choose America over blowing themselves up."

And in the end, when I leave the site to return to my regular work routine, I am glad that I know of the existence of Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left. I am glad if i come away from it having armed myself with even a sliver of knowledge to use against the most reactionary sections of the body politic. So when my co-worker brings up this book she read about radical Islam and American communists, I won't have to relive the shock I so openly showed when she began telling me about The Worm in the Apple. So in that way, maybe visiting the website isn't a horrible waste of time, just something to do during periods of extreme boredom, usually at work, after I have scoured...

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