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Wednesday, December 22, 2004 

¡Jose Gilberto Soto, presente!

Early last month Teamster organizer Jose Gilberto Soto was assassinated outside of his mother's house in El Salvador. In typical form, the Associated Press reported on the story yesterday.

Having not posted on this sad event myself, I'll use the AP article as a prompt (read:cover) for this post. A biography of this man, including his long time sympathy with the FMLN and his ongoing work to support the people of El Salvador (information not mentioned in the AP story), can be found here on the Teamster's webpage; news articles on the ongoing push by the Teamsters and others for a thorough investigation into the cause(s) of Soto's death, family vendetta being far to simple a motive for the murder of a man working to unite many of Central America's unions into some sort of regional alliance, can be found here.

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