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Tuesday, April 11, 2006 

April 10, 2006: Knoxville, TN

Close to 2,500 people turned out for the largest demonstration Knoxville has seen in decades yesterday. I helped with peace-keeping, which gave me an amazing opportunity to view the march from a relatively stationary location. The demo marched around the block housing Senator Frisk's office for something like 2 hours; when the end of the march came around the corner it wasn't but 10 feet ahead of the beginning. Yeah, folks completely surrounding the entire building!

A little background, 200 people turn-out to something in town and it is a BIG deal. Interestingly enough, I wouldn't say that there were many more than 200 non-Latino/as present, and these folks were almost entirely the usual social justice suspects. The event's turn-out was something like quadruple that of the March 13 demo. Here are some more pictures.

¡El Gigante Durmiente Se Despierta!

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