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Tuesday, January 09, 2007 

Blog Against White Supremacy, a General Call

Even with my calendar sitting in its obligatory spot on the left corner of my desk, I can barely believe that we are already into the second week of January. In less than a week we will celebrate the Martin Luther King Holiday, one of the few "people's holidays" we have to celebrate in this country.

In the coming weeks I'm challenging myself to take on questions of white supremacy and white privilege as a central focus in all forthcoming posts. I extend this challenge to others in our corner of the blogosphere. I remember Villa Villekula's call for bloggers to make "classim" the topic en vogue this past Labor Day; and in this vein I propose a very specific form of the aforementioned challenge.

Let's take the MLK holiday as an opportunity to blog against white supremacy.

A broad topic indeed, but one that is so foundational to any other conversation we might have, whether we are talking about patriarchy, capitalism and class structure, popular culture. Plus many, many folks already do this daily. But the idea is a more coordinated effort to flex out collective muscles. If others agree with this idea, spread the call far and wide. Everyone has a solid 6 days to get a story worked out. At the very least transcribe a good theory piece and put together a decent intro. Get friends who don't blog involved. I'm always amazed at the shear number of folks on MySpace - get friends to post something there in the blog section or even as a bulletin. It doesn't matter, just lean on them to do it.

Drop a comment on this post if you are up for it, and I will start to keep a list on the side-bar along with a post early next Monday with a lists of blogs to follow that day. And another shout out to Villa Villekula, since she ultimately serves as my inspiration for this idea.

Hi Nelson,

I've been a silent reader of your blog for a while, but now I've got to step out of the shadows so I can say what an excellent idea this is.

I'll have a post on this topic by Monday on my journal, Levine and his Flying Machine . 

Posted by Jesse

I am there for the blogging against white supremacy day. Count me in. 

Posted by Yolanda Carrington

I will put something on seek-the-truth-serve-the people on Martin Luther Kings holiday on fighting racism.

PS I am not a US blogger so we should also think of other global days like Mao's birthday which we just missed etc

Posted by haisanlu

Count me in, Nelson--you already popped this onto my blog via a spam comment, so I can hardly pretend I didn't see it. I think I'm one step ahead of the game though, on account of I just posted a white privilege post last night. Which is not to say I won't be keeping it up.

And hi to Jesse, who I'm glad stopped lurking because I'd never heard of the Flying Levines before--ones I know tend to be ambulatory--and to Yolanda whom I haven't seen in way too long. And, hey, haisanlu, some of us did observe Maosday ... 

Posted by Jimmy Higgins

Glad you're posting again. Count me in. 

Posted by celticfire

Count me in. 

Posted by LS

good idea. Usually my posting is spontaneous and random, but It's a important issue and I definately want to try to post. Also, I'm going to link to your blog. 

Posted by LeftyHenry

My Man Nelson,
This is a good proposal. As you know i am not really a "Blogger." When i started mine back in October i committed to at least two post a week. Thus far i have generally maintained that pace. I usually write as the spirit moves me. A good piece of music, a ruling class outrage, an appreciation for a friend or family member, etc. Just before you circulated this i had thought about writing something for Dr. King's celebrations. I'll do it and look forward to reading Higgins, Yolanda and the others 

Posted by Ajamu

Do post that mini-polemic when you finish, I would like to see it! 

Posted by celticfire

Hi Nelson,
What an awesome idea. I, like Jesse, am also a silent reader of your blog, but thanks for coming up with this. I'll be blogging on this over at Present Progressive Mood.  

Posted by Lauren

I have posted promotional picture of MLK and your call on seek-the-the-truth-servr-the-people.blogspot.com and reason-and-revolution.blogspot.com.

If comrades want they can copy the promotional picture so we can build up some momentum for the general call to blog against white supremacy 

Posted by Haisanlu

I have an article up now on this theme here . I couldn't think of a great title, so I went with "MLK, the Black Sanitation Workers Struggle in Memphis, and the Ongoing Struggle".

Posted by LS

Count Me In. Im down ass hell. I have just posted a article on immigration and tommorow i will post something on MLK's ideas and some good quotes. Peace and Power to the People. 

Posted by Red Bolivarian

Hey RB, your linked name in the comment above goes nowhere--plug us in please... 

Posted by Jimmy Higgins

Okay y'all, mine is up at Fire on the Mountain .

Nelson, are you gonna have some kind of compendium post linking all the ones we can track? 

Posted by Jimmy Higgins

Nelson can you list all the MLK blogger contributions somewhere ? 

Posted by haisanlu

Mine  is up. 

Posted by John Lacny

I'm a day late - but please count me in to post something later in the day today (the 16th)!

Thank you.  

Posted by AradhanaD

the post is finally up...   

Posted by AradhanaD

Yo, all bloggers (and lurkers) who engaged with what Lauren has abbreviated as BAWS Day. I'm an elderly gent of the old school, and I think that collectively undertaken projects like coordinated blogging against white supremacy should be summed up.

So as to not just whine about it write down a buncha questions for people to analyze, I have posted five points toward a summation  at Fire on the Mountain. I hope others will weigh in and comment freely.

It might be better if the whole discussion were transferred over here to BAWS Day Central, but I'll let Nelson make that call... 

Posted by Jimmy Higgins

White Supremist Day? Holy shit! I thought we could leave crap like that on the floor with the plans of upgrading the edsel. When did we become such a quivering mob of politically correct zombies? Free speech is great and all but should also come with a warning that anybody that was born out of a distinct possibility that their mother couldn't outrun her brother at the last family reunion is about to grace us with his grade 2 education on world history and why we need white supremist day.Never mind sitting and writting on your computers about all the evils of this event that was probably born out of a bad hooch experience. Take your video cameras out to any event that is being held for this wonderful family orientated day set up to teach a new batch of inbreds about racism and when the festivities start, turn on your camera , slowly walk in, and beat the hell out of any waste of oxygen that would disgrace our society with their logic about the need for white supremacy.Oh yeah, I am white, so if you get there and see a white guying slowly walking in to the crowd holding a video camera, go find someone else to beat the hell out of.  

Posted by Steve Todd

I'm not sure if Steve quite understands what the call was about. Last Monday was the King Holiday - and I doubt even "mainstream" conservatives would advocate beat anyone attending an event in Dr. King's memory. The call that I and others put out concerned taking the holiday as a prime oppertunity to raise the issue of white-supremacy and the struggle AGAINST it was both pressing issues in the here and now.

Steve, check out some of the blogs link at the top of the right hand side-bar and I think you'll understand pretty quick the flavor of what we were pushing.
Nelson H. 

Posted by Nelson H.

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