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Thursday, August 26, 2004 

All Bush-Cheney cronies are paper tigers!

The Republican Convention is only 4 days away and the event's security preparations are the lead story on the nightly news, presented as an eerie combination of human interest story and George Orwell novel.

Yesterday, a state judge ruled against United for Peace and Justice's request to hold a rally in Central Park. By effectively baring the largest anti-Bush coalition left of the Democratic Party from holding any stationary mass demonstration during the convention, the more reactionary segment of the ruling class is letting everyone know that the gloves are off. Being stuck here in Knoxville gives me that sick-in-my-stomach-feeling anxiety before the double whammy, Miamiesque sting of knowing good folks are having the shit beat out of them while I sit in my fucking office processing endless shipments of microfiche.

I'm sure some Democrats are wishing that they could have had the cover of a security state 34 years ago during the "Czechago" police riot.

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