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Wednesday, August 18, 2004 

Why I don't go to church anymore

Earlier this week a minister in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was sentenced to a whopping 30 months in jail for beating an 8 year old boy to death. The minister claimed that he was merely performing an exorcism to cure the boy's autism, and that the cause of death was related to the boy's prescription medication - having nothing to do with the fact that he laid on the poor kid's chest for at least half an hour in an attempt to free the child from demonic pocession!

Now I'm down with point 8 of the Black Panther Party's program, but growing a single marijuana plant in Wisconsin could land you in jail for longer than this idiot got.

Shit. Sounds like we're gonna start needing special jails JUST for priests.

Think it'd fix things, if we stuck the pedophiles in with the quack-exorcists, that it would all eventually balance-out?

Would a "healthy" priestly love be cultivated? Would it change catholicism forever?

Just thoughts.

Oddly enough, this whack-job is not a minister of Holy Mother Church. He has no formal religious training and ran a tiny church out of a strip mall.

Something in my catholic upbringing makes me really happy that one of these tiny protestant churches is taking away some of the Church's hyper-embarrassing market share on an activity very much associated with the Catholic Church - exorcism.

I wonder if the Church will take advantage of this event and come out with a new slogan like "We may rape little boys, but at least we don't beat autistic kids to death"

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