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Friday, August 20, 2004 

Define national oppression

So on Tuesday the Colorado paper Rocky Mountain News ran this story. For the most part, a trite local story about the first day of classes at a local high school - freshpersons trying to find classes, cheer-leaders, class assemblies and the lunch room, but with one major exception - the mention of side-by-side American and Mexican flags and a picture of the offense.

The story has set off a fire storm. The school received phone calls from adults threatening to tear down the flag, take the teachers to court, etc if this offense to American national identity (read:white identity) was not corrected. Other callers were willing to put their white chauvinism out front in all its glory telling the story's columnist that "this is American not Taco Bell". Reactionary talk show hosts in Colorado and all across the "Savage nation" sounded the rallying call, exposing another conspiracy cooked up by the “liberal intelligentsia” meant to throw America into the clutches of the new vandals. And all because a high school with an 84% Chican@ enrollment dared to acknowledge the amazing duality of heritage enjoyed by the vast majority of its students.

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