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Monday, August 16, 2004 

"Police State in the USA"

With the Republican National Convention fast approaching, the ruling class appears to be intensifying its "information gathering" activities. As best as I can tell, United for Peace and Justice is still fighting to be able to hold a rally anywhere near the Convention Site. It seems to me that this latest bout is yet another instance of the Bush regime's willingness to use more open forms of repression against dissent, and if Miami was any indication, next weekend promises to be pretty fucking frightening.

And while all this shouldn't surprise anyone, it does seem to force the question of how we on the left respond. Honestly, we know that as contradictions sharpen the state will be ever more willing to employ the iron fist tactics used aboard against us here on the home front. But even with that said, to what extent do we alienate ourselves from possible constituencies (Democrats, Constitution loving progressives, my mom) by adopting tactics that take these changes into account? Fortunately there are folks alot smarter than me working on it.

On the bright side, over the weekend Hugo Chavez "survived" the referendum on this presidency. If we could only get Jimmy Carter to monitor the November elections.

"Police State in the USA,
Facism with a friendly face."

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