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Thursday, September 16, 2004 

Eagles, update

Although I ought to be secretly reading John Hope Franklin's From Slavery to Freedom at my desk before my test in just over an hour, I'm finally finding time to post something. The car has been broke down since last Friday and I think that people are really starting to get tired of driving my ass to and from work.

Hope folks got a chance to catch McNabb, Owens and crew in action against the NY Giants during last Sunday's season opener. If you missed McNabb's wonderful 26 completions out of 36 pass attempts for 330 yards, 4 touchdowns, and zero interceptions (you listening to that Payton?) or Owens's 2 touchdowns on his first two receptions, I'm sorry. More enjoyable, perhaps, than seeing the Eagles offense decimate the Giants was to see there defense, which did struggle at times, knock the hell out of the great-white-hope-for-a-new-generation, Eli "Ole Miss" Manning forcing a fumble. The younger Manning showed some distance with 66 passing yards in 3 completions, but by completing only 1/3 of his pass attempts he managed to do worse than his "never-won-nothing-but-have-a-street-named-for-my-reactionary-ass" brother's 16/29.

Sure both games had more than a fair share (which is a pretty problematic concept anyways) of imperialistic brouhaha, but that's what most of us on the left have come to expect from the simple yet important pleasure American sporting events provide us. But this Dave Zirin article on CounterPunch challenges us to view the creation of discourse by rude, unwanted social commentary during such major sporting events as a political task. So just a heads up, next time there is a meeting on Sunday afternoon or Monday night I already have work I must be doing among the masses - watching the NFL. ;-)

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