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Thursday, September 16, 2004 

"But if Dan Rather got on the evening news..."

So I am sure that folks have heard all about the CBS 60 Minutes insipred controversy over whether or not Bush received preferential treatment during his tenure in the Texas and later Alabama National Guard.

Last night on 60 Minutes, Dan Rather continued this story. Based on what I've read, it sounds like the story was pretty damaging, especially the interview with the now deceased Lt. Con.'s secretary Marian Carr Knox. I say "based on what I've read" because although I was at UT's Progressive Student Alliance's weekly meeting I would not have been able to watch it even if I had been home. Why, you might be asking. Because the local CBS affiliate decided to move the nationally syndicated popular news program to 2:05 a.m playing sitcoms and a made for TV movie in its place, that’s why. This link will take you to the station's weekly program guide. Please note that next week's schedule has 60 Minutes II at its normal time, and it is not reshown at 2:05 the following morning.

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