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Monday, October 18, 2004 

A Member of the NPR Family

I just made a donation to my local NPR station. It was my first time donating to NPR, and I was a little shocked by how excited it made me feel. To be completely honest it almost reminded me of attending my first action (I still miss you Thunder 94). I know some people have soured on NPR, with the whole push for more media regulation and the rightward trend in reporting and analysis, but the local affiliate is pretty right on - a hotbed of union activity to be certain.

On the subject of supporting publicly held media outlets, The Corporation will have its debut screening in Knoxville this coming Sunday, October 24 with proceeds being split between the film makers and Knoxville's recently shutdown pirate radio station, KFAR 90.9 FM. Time and place is 7pm (no smoking) and 10pm (yes smoking), Pilot Light, Old City.

Now where's my damn WUOT mug?

the NPR swag isn't as good in Nashville as it was in Chattanooga and Knoxville. I want TAL swag, dammit!

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