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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

The Hammer Falls?

This article on CNN.com* is pretty disturbing. Hopefully, this will be one isolated incident; but based on the I.C.E. official's statements and with the May Day demonstrations just around the corner we could very likely see a real increase of this type of repression over the next couple weeks.

Here in Knoxville these fears really came out when a county sheriff detained two vehicles of a large caravan of folks from upper East TN who were on their way to the April 10th demo here in town.

Is this the article you wanted to link to?:


Though this is packaged as a "get tough on employers" tactic, in reality, of course, it is the immigrant workers who will be penalized and not the bosses.

Klement, thanks for the right link.

The NYTimes ran this article officially announcing pogram's kick-off. In Tennessee we saw over 80 workers rounded up as a part of these raids last week alone...

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