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Monday, April 17, 2006 

"Tectonic Shift" in Subjective Conditions: Nepal is on the brink of liberation

One truly amazing thing about dialectics is that despite the best efforts made to discredit this methodology's ability to correctly interpret and thus learn from actual lived history, its effects cannot be denied even by bourgeois standard-bearers or "papers of record."

This article, printed in Sunday's NYTimes, describes the mounting shift in the subjective element of revolutionary activity in Nepal. Despite being openly hostile to the driving-edge of this contradiction the Maoist insurgency, the general direction in which this process is heading is undeniable. The Maoists may not win in the coming months, but they are qualitatively closer than they were mere weeks ago.

Sorry to copy edit your blog, but I assume you mean "tectonic" in terms of continental plates and not "tuetonic" relating to the ancient tribal people of Northern Europe.

For future reference, copy editing is always encouraged.

Also, you have to admit that if I had in fact meant the later (tuetonic), it would have been more interesting. How's that for a material phenomena to study, "In the midst of a revolution scando-germanic people asserts itself in Nepal."

Well, the Nazis were quite interested in the "Aryans" of Tibet...

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