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Wednesday, September 08, 2004 


Sorry for the hiatus. Between Labor Day happenings at Highlander, the Central Labor Council's annual picknic at the UNITE-HERE hall and Blogger being down, it’s been a pretty exciting couple of days.

As I am sure everyone knows by now, the Bush campaign felt a slight bounce in polls taken only hours after last Thursday night's charade. John Lacny has a post with some good links explaining this phenomenon, which may be needed therapy at this point if you’re anything like me. It should be interesting to see what effect the Iraq death toll and the Congressional Budget Office's recent report on the ballooning budget deficient will have. Interestingly enough, some (read: the Wall Street Journal and Fox News) are touting the CBO report as "good news," pointing out that this year's record deficient is slightly lower than previously projected. In a rare show of force, Kerry actually stood up for his campaign in response to these claims during an articulate and lively speech yesterday. Dick Cheney still might be telling voters that America will certainly suffer another terrorist attack during a John Kerry administration (conspiracy theorists should have a field day with this one: if Bush paid Osama the first time around and Cheney promises another attack...), but at least the Kerry-Edwards team will responding with feigned outrage and wonderful put-downs like “this is un-American."

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