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Friday, September 03, 2004 

Labor Day

For everyone living under a rock, Monday is Labor Day. I had hoped to be on the road to Atlanta already; but thanks to the weather and the massive influx of evacuees into Georgia as a result, I will be here in Knoxville. I have to admit that I was excited about being out of town when Big Orange football started.

Hopefully I can use my change in plans to put a dent in my reading list, catch up on my mass work, and take a break. I bought Season One of the Chappelle's Show last weekend, and I need to watch the rest of it.

"I'm like the second plane that made the tower's face off
That shit that let you know it's really not a game dawg"
-Mos Def on Chapelle's Show

wondering if it will let me comment, since I have not been able to post for 2 days

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