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Friday, November 19, 2004 

"Yes, this is class war"

Hotel workers in San Francisco are entering week 7 of their strike/lock-out. Overall it seems to be going about as well as any strike entering its 7th week could be. Kaiser Permanente and Chinese Hospital just agreed to continue providing the hotel workers and their families with health insurance through January (it was going to end in December).

Having a few thousand workers locked-out does put a slight dent in the bank, and UNITE-HERE local 2 needs some cash. So make a commitment, say to yourself: I am not going to eat anything but ham/turkey/peanut-butter/vegan alternative sandwiches for the next two weeks, and make a $50 donation to local 2 with the money that I’ll save. If I - one of the hundreds of UT employees working 40 hours a week for poverty wages and a lover of food other than ham/turkey/peanut-butter/vegan alternative sandwiches - can pony up some money...

These folks don't have jobs to return to at the present moment and all you have to do is eat a damn sandwich. So be another H-O-O molecule in the turning tide. And leave a comment when you give.

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