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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 

Pope calls for Solidarity, Proposes Solutions to end War

"His Holiness," John Paul II recently delivered his "State of the World" address including this address to the Holy See's diplomatic Corps. I have to confess that every time I come in contact with this moth-eaten monarchy and the vassals that cling so strongly to thier anachronism, I cannot help but feeling the sense of outright terror I will always associate with Sunday School (or as wel Catholics call it, CCD).

That said, it's nice to see issues like underdevelopment and war still in the forefront of the Vatican's agenda. For some reason the words "utter disapointment" can't quite capture my hatred for this Pope's reduction of issues as complex as late-imperialism to the "building block" levels of gay marriage, stem cell research and condoms.

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