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Monday, April 24, 2006 

"Killer Sound" on Highland Ave.

For folks who haven't seen Kevin Sites's series In the Hot Zone, you might want to grab yourself a basin before you head over to his site. In an attempt to put a more humanitarian face on embedded journalism (because, as Propaghandi so pointedly notes, all interventions should be humanitarian in nature), Sites is spending a whole year of his lily-assed life in "conflict zones." You heard me right, he's going to do it for one whole year. *gasp*

His latest venture takes him to Columbia. But instead of focusing on the actual good done by the FARC-EP and ELN in liberated areas, or the real limitations and major fuck-ups associated with trying to build a revolution upon a narco-capitalist export orientation strategy, or the heroic unionization efforts of William Mendoza and others, his topic this week focuses on Bogota's Battalion of Immediate Artistic Reaction.

This liberal attempt to "end the violence" by turning obsolete rifles into guitars has all the makings of a perfect bourgeois human interest story: a lone, young white dude with an idea so powerful that...

See, I told you to bring along that basin.

Maybe this "oh so cool" display of music-inspired, hipster street-theatre wouldn't set my gag reflex off so much if Knoxville's "alternative weekly" hadn't run this story on the recently renamed "biscoteque" (formerly named "bagel") house in the UT area's Fort Sanders neighborhood and the tribe of "trusta-farians"* that live there.

And maybe still, if the ever "alternative" Metro-Pulse hadn't decided to run this piece of ultra-individualist shit not two weeks after chiding UTK's Progressive Student Alliance in this most reactionary of diatribes.

But who needs actual mass work that tries to engage actual people by meeting them where they are actual at when privileged white folks can make stupid-ass, racist movies that poke-fun at the genocide of entire indigenous nations?

*Trusta-farian: Bourgeois white kid with dreads. See Also: WASPafarian; Cultural Appropriation; White-Supremacy.

LOL!! *cries a little, holds sides*

Trustafarians, man. 'Cause you know we're just toooo bourgeois to get their "art."

indigenous <3

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