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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

Latest Statement from the Central Committee, CPN(M)

The CPN(M)'s central committee has put out a new statement rejecting the king's weak attempt to buy more time. The International Nepal Solidarity Network has a whole run-down on the Maoists' position here.

It also appears that the Maoists are leading another wave of nation-wide protests demanding the institution of the Constituent Assembly and warning the SPA not to accept further compromises that betray the demands of the 12 point agreement. News of this here.

I haven't been able to find an English translation of this latest statement yet, but has the following was posted in the comments section on the International Nepal Solidarity Network's website:

General points in English:

The Maoists reject the offer of the King and they think the SPA is making a historical mistake by accepting the offer. They are also disappointed that the SPA has not consulted them before

The movement of the Maoists will not be stopped until it is sure that the sovereignty of the people is ensured by calling a constituent assembly.

The Maoists at the same time expressed their commitment to the 12-point agreement between MBs and SPA and they especially urge the parties to act in accordance with the agreement.

The Maoists announce some programmes: Countrywide peoples’ mobilisation and demonstration/gatherings. Physical action be taken against the elements who are still against the movement or who suppress the movement. Blockage of Kathmandu and district capitals until unconditional elections for a constituent assembly is announced.

I am glad to hear the protests are continuing...hopefully the people of Nepal won't be thrown off by these actions of the King. I like the new look of your blog! It looks great.

I wait with great excitement to see what happens in Nepal!

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